Filming for the Robbie Williams biopic continues as actors dance (2023)

Filming for Robbie Williams' Take That inspired biopic Better Man continued earlier this week with stars dancing on the streets of London clad in blue suits.

In photographs taken on Monday, the cast embarked on a huge energetic dance scene on Regent Street.

The outfits were reminiscent of the band's ensembles for the Brit Awards in 1994, where they played a Beatles Medley on stage.

Jonno Davies, who is playing a young Robbie, sported a brown CGI suit for the shots.

It was previously revealed that the movie will take a ‘fantastical’ approach to depicting Robbie’s career, and he will appear as a CGI monkey in some scenes.

Energetic: Stars of Robbie Williams' Take That inspired biopic Better Man danced in London clad in blue suits as they filmed the movie on Monday

Classic: The outfits were reminiscent of the band's ensembles for the Brit Awards in 1994, where they played a Beatles Medley on stage

The rest of the cast members playing Take That are Jake Simmance as Gary Barlow, Liam Head as Mark Owen, Jesse Hyde as Howard Donald and ChaseVollenweider as Jason Orange.

Later in the scene, the actors changed outfits, donning a zany range of looks from a bright yellow vest to a pair of black jeans with a studded belt.

Robbie confessed in January that he is nervous about 'being in the crosshairs again' and asserted that it is a 'very vulnerable time' to be in the spotlight.

Speaking on the Robbie Williams Rewind podcast, the singer said of the upcoming releases: 'I'm both excited and nervous. I'm not nervous that it isn't any good because what I've seen has blown me away.

'The thing that I'm nervous about is being in the crosshairs again because the film's coming out and the Netflix thing's coming out.

'And, I haven't been truly economically viable to the lesser energies associated with the media for a long time, which has made my life enjoyable and made all of this possible.

'I need these couple of things for the wind behind my sails for the third part of my life, they're vital.But if they are a success then for however long a time, I become in the crosshairs again and it's a very vulnerable time to be in the media right now.

'You can get cancelled for anything, and I'm not talking about sexual, I'm just talking about anything that you say, what particular day you wake up on the wrong side of history, you are a relic from the last century where we thought and felt different things.'

Robbie asserted: 'You are 15 seconds away from being cancelled at any moment and that doesn't feel comfortable.'

The Angels hitmaker admitted that his 'silliness and daftness' was likely leave him more open to criticism.

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He said: 'Especially for somebody like me who just shoots from the hip with silliness, not shoots from the hip with opinions about how the world should be. Just jokes and laughter and daftness, so there are two ways of looking at it.

'I'm very looking forward to it coming out and being a success because success feels great but at the same time being in those crosshairs makes me feel vulnerable.'

Robbie will star as himself in movie Better Man, which covers his incredible rise to fame from boy band heart-throb to stadium superstar.'

Production began in May 2022 on the big budget biopic - billed as 'a musical fantasy' - which is being made in Melbourne by Australian filmmaker Michael Gracey who directed the box-office smash The Greatest Showman.

British actor Jonno Davies, 30, best known for the Amazon Prime series Hunters, will play Robbie as a younger man.

Other members of the cast include Australian actors Kate Mulvany (The Great Gatsby), Damon Herriman (Mr InBetween), and filmmaker-actor Anthony Hayes.

(Video) Robbie Williams: My 18 Most Memorable Looks | Life in Looks

It was announced in December 2021 that producers would begin filming Better Man at Docklands Studios in Melbourne in early 2022.

The production is rumoured to have cost $100million.

Directed and co-written by Victorian filmmaker Michael Gracey, the film will offer an introspective look into the experiences that shaped the English entertainer, both on and off stage.

'To tell Robbie William's beautiful, distinct story, back home, in my own city, is a dream come true,' Gracey said in a statement.

'There is a creative energy that burns across the Melbourne film industry, and I know this movie will thrive here.'

It comes afterRobbie revealed that he will play himself in his biopic.

The team behind the Michael Gracey-directed flick, reportedly previously had trouble finding the perfect person to play Robbie in his younger days but an older Robbie has been found in the form of the man himself.

Dancing: The cast danced energetically as they filmed for the biopic in Central London on Monday

Fun:Jonno Davies, who is playing a young Robbie, sported a brown CGI suit for the shots asthere will be outfits and faces that are placed on the young Robbie

High-energy:The film is directed by Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey, who favours high energy dance routines

Run: Another shot showed the cast running through the streets of London as they emulated Take That

Together: The biopic began filming last year and is big budget, believed to have cost $100million to make

Moves: Later in the scene, the stars changed outfits, donning red shirts, blue vest tops and zany ensembles

Star: Jonno (left) strolls along the road as there is a break in between scenes as he sports a CGI suit and Robbie in 1992 (right)

(Video) Robbie Williams: Take That, Touring, and 25-Year Solo Career | Apple Music

Gary Barlow: Gary is played by Jake Simmance (left wearing a blue suit). Pictured right: Gary in 1997

Mark Owen: Mark is played by Liam Head. Pictured right: Mark in 2002

Howard Donald: Howard is played by Jesse Hyde (left). Pictured right: Howard in 1996

Jason Orange is played by Chase Wollenweider. Pictured is Jason in 1993

Look! The actor playing Gary encourages his cast members to run as another clip of them in London is filmed

Hijinks: The actors sport vest tops and glittery belted jeans as they have fun filming for the biopic

Jump: The actors jumped as they made their way excitedly through central London for the musical number

(Video) Robbie Williams | Go Gentle (Official Music Video)

Underway: Another actor in a 90s red shirt (left) strolls along the road while Jono takes a break from filming (right)

Clothes: The band members are seen pushing a rail of clothes through London as they film another scene

Pals: Dressed in a camel-coloured jacket, another actress strolled with the actors as part of the scene

Funny: The cast and crew smile as they embark on more filming for the biopic while Jonno poses

According to The Sun,Robbie told the crowd at the Rob Laver Arena in Melbourne at a gig to celebrate the filming of the biopic: 'The thing is about films is that it is a wonder anything gets made.

'Everything gets held up in a bottleneck. It is always, "This person says no and this person says yes and this person is offended and this person is not offended enough." It is agents and lawyers.

Robbie told the audience: 'There are sex scenes that I do not condone. I am like, 'If they must be in there, Michael, then you put them in there.

'He said that it is a necessity for the script that I get completely naked and I am not sure why as there is one scene where we are in a church and it does not call for it.

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'It is my life and it is what I got up to. It is not anodyne, it is not vanilla. It is drugs, the ups, the downs, the women, the sex.'

The project will follow the singer on his rise to the fame and the demons he battled both on and off the stage.

Sources say Hollywood is excited about the movie following the success of other singer's lives captured on film such as Elton John's Rocketman and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Insiders believe it could help Robbie crack America, after struggling to make it big across the pond - despite success in Europe when he first went solo after leaving Take That.

A source previously told the Mirror: 'Early indications are that it may really cut through to US audiences, not least as the people in place on it have such pedigree.

'Movie chiefs think the script – essentially a stirring story about an underdog catapulted to fame – will really resonate with people, even those in America who may not know much about Robbie himself.'

Directed and co-written by Victorian filmmaker Michael, the film will offer an introspective look into the experiences that shaped the English entertainer, both on and off stage.

It comes after Robbie admitted that his long-running feud with Liam and Noel Gallagher left him so distraught that it contributed in his decision to leave the UK.

(Video) Robin Williams Wins Supporting Actor: 1998 Oscars

The singer and the Oasis stars were locked in a war of words for over two decades, with the Angels hitmaker even challenging Liam, 48, to boxing match at the Brit Awards in 2000.

Discussing their rivalry, which mainly took place in the 1990s and 2000s, Robbie told how it was 'unbearable' and that he remembers 'every syllable' of the insults thrown by the rockers.

Speaking to the Talent Takes Practice podcast, Robbie said: 'My brand of entertainment wasn’t deemed worthy because of how I presented myself.

'There was a culture of ‘Robbie Williams is not cool’. That was apart from the three million people who bought my albums.

'Every time I watched TV programmes, there were people being hateful about me. That was just wrong and grotesque. It was unbearable. I just left the country.'

Robbie left the UK for a new life in Los Angeles in 2004.

Talking further on how the rivalry affected him, he continued: 'Liam said that I should be hung, Noel said I was "the fat dancer from Take That".

Style: The cast donned vests, patterned trousers and cool shoes as they emulated the band members

Crew: Crew in yellow jackets including director Michael Gracey are seen on set as the filming for the movie continues

Haha! The actors lark around as they enjoy filming for the biopic, with Jonno spreading out his arms

Cool: In one part of the dance, the cast members posed as they enjoyed the 90s style routine and moves

Filming: Members of film crew were seen following Jonno around as he performed in his CGI suit

Heyday: Take That pose in boyband ensembles as they smile for a photograph in Manchester in 1991

Games: Even a football was thrown around in the musical number as actors put their heart and soul into filming

'I remember every single syllable of every single thing they’ve ever said about me.'

Despite Liam having made peace with him, it appeared that Robbie still holds some bitter feelings towards his brother Noel, 53.

(Video) Robbie Williams LIVE At The Royal Albert Hall 2001

'I could talk for two hours about why Noel’s s***', he said.

He concluded: 'Isn’t it interesting what a few words can do to your whole life? I’m not healed.'

MailOnline have contacted representatives of Liam and Noel for comment.


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